Our Story

Simply saying, the story start with I quit my job in Oct, 2019.

In stead of playing Fast and Furious every morning to make sure I won’t be late, I staying at home for weeks and weeks. I walked around in my apartment and took out my “who know how old it is” pajamas when I try to enjoy a leisure afternoon tea, I suddenly realized that I didn’t treat myself well. At least I didn’t treasure my time at home.

My experience sent me on a journey seeking for the most comfortable flattering sleepwear, and I want to share my findings with everyone who has similar concern. After finishing work, I feel that every urban women should have her own leisure time. They need some relax music, quality nap, or maybe a perfect loungewear could help. Never forgot to treat yourself in a better way because Every Second Matters.

High-quality of relax could be the source of incredible power. Nap concentrate on home-relax,tend to appeal calm and free soul within the hectic urban life. We truly considering a house-living plan for urban women; Nap use delicate Craft, flexibility fabric,as well as Simple Design to establish comfortable intimate space for women.

Body tends to feel the world, Nap tend to smooth your feeling.

Now,Avoid Pressure