Our Story

Every day I get home, take a shower, and put on my pajamas, feeling incredibly heroic that I have successfully made it through the day. Staying mentally and emotionally balanced is crucial for me, and I believe so for every modern woman.

Pajama time is the only time one can look forward to, after a whole tiresome day. Sometimes the old pajamas fail to match my mood or the kind of specific relaxation needed. Only a little glam on design can make all the difference in your mood.

I spent countless hours looking into different designs and fabric to find “a perfect outfit,” but never found one that truly spoke to me. That’s why the idea of building Nap came to my mind. A brand that urban women do not have to compromise on comfort but rather keep the elegance with them all the time.

Brand Philosophy

In the spirit of peace and freedom, NAP is established with the purpose to heal those fatigue and aching souls that are struggling with a fast-paced life. Adhering to the vision of “bring comfort and aesthetics to life”, NAP devotes to producing high quality loungewear and home products to convey the brand philosophy, which is focusing on our present feelings instead of giving too much attention to the outside world. Only when we truly embrace every second of our life will we learn to love ourselves more.

Take a nap whenever you want to.